Stay Focused. Productive. Private.

Alcove Workstation® is The portable case for the modern workforce

Alcove Workstation®

Alcove Workstation® is the portable case for the modern workforce, instantly transforming your personal space into an enclosed workstation for maximum privacy and optimal productivity.

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Stay Focused

Patented case design empowers you to stay on task by shielding you from unnecessary distractions.

Customer Testimonials

"I love my Alcove Workstation! Excellent product and packaging."

Arturo Santiago-Rivera
Web developer

"Alcove has that get down to business aesthetic."

Marie Brown

"Alcove solves the biggest problems related to working in public spaces all in a compact, elegant, portable package."

Katy Tynan
Author & Talent Thought Leader

"Alcove makes me feel at ease and very comfortable when I’m working no matter where I am."

Akihito Kaneko

"It’s the new headphones to reduce distractions."

Anthony Covington

"I can work at cafes without any concern for exposing my protected designs since I started using Alcove."

Yong-gyun Ghim

"It’s clear that a great deal of creativity and design went into Alcove."

Darcie B.

"Alcove is a private working station that is convenient for people who often work on the go."

Alex Qin, Cassi

"Alcove is the type of product that makes you wonder why this solution did not previously exist on the market."

Maria L.

Work Moves
With You®

In today's on the go culture, you need to be ready to create at a moment’s notice––wherever, whenever. Alcove Workstation® redefines the mobile workspace so you can stay focused and do your best work in any environment, on your own terms.

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