Will Alcove Workstation® fit my computer?

The all new Alcove Workstation® fits 12-13" laptops and tablets with a depth of 1 inch. Most laptops model year 2017 and newer will have this slim profile. Please check your laptop specifications to ensure proper fit.

Alcove Workstation overall dimensions: 11.42"L x 13.78"W x 1.56"H  (1.75lbs)

I need ventilation for my laptop so it does not overheat during heavy use. What can Alcove do to prevent this from happening?

Alcove Workstation® has an integrated kickstand that solves this issue and more. The kickstand:

  1. Provides proper ventilation underneath the laptop 
  2. Props up the back of the Alcove case independent of a laptop screen
  3. Angles the laptop to encourage proper hand/wrist support when typing
I usually throw on my headphones when I need to focus--why is Alcove better?

We believe headphones might be distracting you more and making you less productive. Read an article on this very topic by our founder on our Medium blog here.

Where do I charge my laptop when using Alcove?

The design of the Alcove Workstation® side panels allows for routing power cords through the cut outs to charge MAC or PC laptops.

Where can I get specific questions answered about the product?

Send us a note at contact@getalcove.com.


I do not live in the US/Canada and want to have Alcove shipped to me. 

We want people from all over the world to experience the benefits of the all new Alcove Workstation® and are working diligently to establish distribution partnerships in Asia, Europe, and Latin America. For customers outside of North America, please email us at contact@getalcove.com for more information on how to get an Alcove in your hands.